Why you should treat your investments like your diet.

Last time we talked about the green economy and how we need to transition to a model that does not only focuses on profit but also on the planet and the people.
So today let’s look at what this means in terms of investments.

🧐 What is investing?

Investing in the share market means…

To Save The Earth, rethink The Economy

This punchline says it all ( 🙌 Attenborough )

A finite world, with finite resources, can’t sustain a perpetual growth where success is measured only through GDP for countries (or profit for companies).

We’ve taken too much, too quickly and the climate crisis we’re facing is screaming at us: we…

Looking at the environmental impact 🌱 and the financial returns 📈

Part 3: Conclusion

PS: Check out part #1 about Bitcoin and part #2 about Gold.

A quick recap about Environment 🌱

Market Cap 🏋️‍♀️
Gold $10T vs $1T (Bitcoin). Gold 10x bigger for now.

Energy consumption per year ⚡️
Gold 132TWh vs 70TWh (Bitcoin).
Comparatively, Bitcoin requires much more energy than Gold. …

Looking at the environmental impact 🌱 and the financial returns 📈

Part 2/3: Gold

PS: Check out Part #1 where we talk about Bitcoin its environmental impact and financial returns.

Now, this is the OG, a real old-timer and heavy-weight of the financial system.
The current market cap of gold is $10T (trillions), vs $960B (billions) for Bitcoin, which increased by 1.4x over the last…

Looking at the environmental impact 🌱 and the financial returns 📈

Why now?

🐯 Bitcoin is on fire and getting every week new highs (+266% in the last 6 months).

🐢 On the other hand Gold is getting lower by the day (-10% in the last 6 months).

Part 1/3: Bitcoin

🌱 About environmental impact

Bitcoin requires a huge amount of energy to run through the servers and…

A brief guide for conducting user research.

This is a summary of how I do user research. My main goal is to write my process down so I can come back to it and save time when kicking off a new project. A sort of research toolkit. …

How I use Sketch with Zeplin to design and specify apps

I recently came across the Nielsen Lab article about wireflows — a document that merges a wireframe and a task flow. Those documents are essentials to communicate clearly the design to the rest of the team. I used them all the time and they are part of my workflow.


Why do we have fancy tools for measuring our sleep, weight or steps, but nothing for our career and personal growth?

In this article, I will talk about how we created a tool that helped us maximise our team’s development and performance.

The challenges of a Design Manager

As a design lead at Alive, a design-led digital product agency, I regularly face those two key challenges:

  • Find alignment between the company and team needs.
    Where are the…

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